frequently asked questions

Besides the San Antonio area, are you willing to travel for out-of-town weddings?

I’m always ready to travel for weddings. Just keep in mind that a fee may be added for traveling expenses. For example, for services in Austin, there is a $100 travel fee. For Boerne, Seguin, or New Braunfels: $35. Fredericksburg or Kerrville: $75. San Marcos: $50. Houston: $200.

We will be videotaping the wedding. Are we allowed to use your music for that purpose?


Do you amplify your guitar for the wedding?
I use an amplifier when, and if it is needed for the ceremony. Always for outdoor ceremonies. Only in intimate settings with excellent acoustics, when the wedding is relatively small, I’ll use the guitar alone, without amplification.
What equipment will you need? Do you need to be near an electrical outlet?

The equipment I use is all self-contained and high quality. Although it is generally better to be near an electric outlet, I also have a system which runs on batteries. This allows great flexiblity for playing in any location, however remote.

We may decide to have a piece of "Special Music" (not listed on your website) in a certain part of our wedding ceremony. Are you willing to do this?

Yes. Besides the pieces listed on the website, I play quite a bit of other music, including Pop, Beatles (a lot of Beatles!), Classical, etc. If you are interested in something other than what is listed, just ask. – I may already know it, and if it’s just one piece, I’m always happy to learn something new. (If I need to learn/arrange more than one new piece, we may have to negotiate a little.)

We have a friend/family member that we would like to include in the ceremony. Would you be willing to accompany them?
Yes, this is certainly possible.

A few things to keep in mind.
1. A rehearsal will be necessary. This can be arranged at any time, even an hour before the ceremony, at the venue/church.
2. I will require the sheet music and a recording of the piece sent to me at least 1 month prior to the date.
3. Permission from the church and/or wedding coordinator may be required.

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