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Album features Terry Muska playing such inspirational favorites as Ave Maria, On This Day, Sarabande, and many other selections by Bach, Handel, and Ferrabosco.

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1. Ave Maria - Bach/Gounod

Inspired by the well known prayer, Charles Gounod superimposed his timeless melody on Bach’s best known keyboard prelude.


2. Sleepers Awake

From a Bach cantata, this piece pictures the Christmas Vigil.

3. Sanctus - Alice Gomez

Composer Gomez takes inspiration from part of the Catholic Mass.


4. Ave Maria - Schubert

One of the world’s most famous melodies, a setting of the familiar prayer.



5. Sarabande - J.S. Bach

Even in this stately dance, Bach’s spiritual values come through.


6. Lascia Ch'io Pianga

For nobility and pure beauty, this melody by Handel is superlative.



7. On This Day, O Beautiful Mother

This lovely melody is the favorite hymn for Mother’s Day.


8. Duerme con angelitos

Terry Muska’s tender lullaby, written for his children.


9. Pavan - Alfonso Ferrabosco

A noble processional dance from the Renaissance.


10. Villanella - Albert Dlugoraj

The lightness of this little Renaissance piece gives it the feeling of a children’s Christmas carol.



© 2006 Terry Muska