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ImBeautiful wedding music played on the Classical Guitar will add a unique touch to your ceremony, whether in a chapel, cathedral, or garden setting.

Listen to any of the recorded samples below to help in choosing your music.
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Prelude Music - Music for the Prelude (20 minutes before the ceremony) is meant to provide a pleasant atmosphere as guests gather. Usually the pieces are chosen by the musician, keeping the particular theme or style of the wedding in mind.

Selections for the Ceremony:

Family Processional (Mothers, Grandmothers): Fields of Gold

Bridesmaids: Feather Theme from Forrest Gump

Bride's Processional: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Special Music (Unity Candle, Lasso, Sand Service, etc.): Storybook Love (from "The Princess Bride") by Mark Knofler

Recessional Music: "A Thousand Years"

Postlude: "Over the Rainbow"



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