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Siesta Suite

Featuring Musette Flute and Guitar Duo.

Terry Muska and Madlyn Blanchett,
with special guest artist Alice Gomez.
The entire project was recorded at Peter Carey's Rhythm Room in San Antonio. For the recording, Terry plays a 1977 Miguel Rodriguez guitar (one of the legendary "churchdoor" models), Madalyn plays a Brannen-Cooper flute

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1. Estrellita (2:40)


One of the best loved classics of Manuel Ponce.  

2. La Llorona (4:44)


A special arrangement for this album, the movements embellish the theme of this famous folk song.  

3. Las Mananitas Variations (3:32)

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This piece was written while on a gourmet rafting trip in Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park. (You can almost hear the cognac pouring in the background.)  
Siesta Suite
(track 4,5,6)

4. Abuelito Remembers (1:37)


Three movement instrumental suite by Madalyn Blanchett, telling the story of her grandparents courtship.  

5. Sentimientos (3:22)


Memories of their first dance together.  

6. La Fiesta (1:32)


The happy and rollicking party!  

7. Afro-Cuban Lullaby (2:53)


A simple and haunting melody combined with the characteristic lilt of a traditional lullaby.  

8. Spanish Dance (1:40)


Tchaikovsky's famous dance movement from the "Nutcracker"  

9. O Mio Babbino Caro (3:22)


From the opera "Gianni Schicci", one of Giacomo Puccini's most beautiful arias.  

10. The Sounds of Bells (2:19)


Guitarist Joao Pernambuco wrote this charming Brazilian choro , one of the most popular of its type.


11. Duerme con angelitos (3:53)


Composition by Terry Muska, a lullaby (Sleep with the little angels). The title was a special gift from Olga Gomez, Madalyn's mother.  

12. Cancion de Cuna (3:29)


Another lullaby, this time a catchy one by Spanish composer-guitarist Emilio Pujol  

13. Gavotte (3:06)


Mexican composer Manuel Ponce (famous for his song "Estrellita") wrote this charming vignette of 18th -century dance music.


14. Scherzino Mexicano (2:07)


Rhythmic variety and a tuneful melody characterize Ponce's "scherzino".  

15. La Paloma (4:04)


Spanish composer Sebastian Yradier lived in Cuba for several years and his famous habanera was the love song, La Paloma .



© 2006 Terry Muska