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Spanish Missions of San Antonio CD

Liner notes provided by Dr.Michael Fink

Spanish Missions of San Antonio: A Legend in Music

A CD inspired by San Antonio's magnificent mission
edifices and masterpieces of the Hispanic musical tradition. Featuring arrangements by composer Michael Fink

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Madalyn Blanchett, Michael Fink, and Terry Muska in recital at SAC.

Terry Muska is a native of San Antonio, who recalls visiting the missions as far back as his early childhood. As an adult, Muska has been invited to perform at each of the five missions. Having studied with Manuel Lopez-Ramos and Pepe Romero, Muska is now one of the most in-demand classical artists in Texas. He has appeared as a soloist on two CDs, and in the Musette duo with flutist Madalyn Blanchett on two more - all on the Iago label. On this recording, Muska plays a 1998 Blackshear guitar.

Michael Fink, musical composer-arranger-historian, has led a varied career spanning Hollywood recording studios, concert halls, and college classrooms. The author of more than 25 musical publications and two books, Fink now expresses his musical thoughts through his digital studio,VirtualHarmony. He feels that combining varied synthesized sounds with the consistent warmth of an acoustic instrument (like the classical guitar) affords a unique listening experience.

1. Dawn on the Mission Trail (3:01)

A lone guitar and a distant church bell signal the dawning of the age of the Spanish missions.

2. Fiesta at Mission San Juan (4:41)

Settlers pause from their labors to dance and celebrate.

3. Mission Espada'"Reveries of the Three Bells (6:23)

A dreamy song unfolds to the rhythmic pulse of the bells.

4. Interlude: Romance of the River (4:16)

The unceasing flow of the river recalls an ancient poetic romance.


6. Interlude: Legend of the Cloisters (2:28)

Religious life at the missions was central; a Gregorian chant helps us visualize these observances.

7. Mission Concepción'"Two Towers, Two Worlds (2:32)

The Old World and the New -- in constant dialogue during the mission era.

8. The Alamo (6:59)

A battle brews, yet the Alamo's glory days hover in the background; the Siege of the Alamo; finally, an elegy for the fallen, and for the mission era.



© 2006 Terry Muska